Just How Efficient is Your Website?

Just How Efficient is Your Website?

Just How Efficient is Your Website?

Our 5-minute quiz uses 5 key metrics to determine how efficient your website is. Here are those key metrics:

  1. Alexa rank
  2. External Website Linking into your website (Backlinks)
  3. Your website’s ease of use
  4. Information quality
  5. Site traffic

A score of 11 or less means your website may be leaking money because it is not performing as efficiently as it should. The good news is that with a few tweaks, your website performance can be significantly improved.

You can reach out to us here to discuss more on steps to improve your website performance today.

You can take the quiz here in case you have not yet taken it.

Breaking down the quiz questions.

  1. Alexa rank
    Simply put, this is a ranking of websites by popularity. The number you see for your website shows how popular your website is compared to all other websites. A website with a ranking of 1 is more popular than a website with a ranking of 5 for example.

    In this ranking, it is more important to rank higher than other websites in your niche. In general though, the higher your rank, the higher the chances of you ranking higher than your competitors.

    If you have never heard about this ranking or your ranking was not shown when you checked, get in touch to discuss how we can assist.
  1. External Websites linking into your website (Backlinks)
    The internet contains a huge amount of information and it would be quite useless if there wasn’t a quick way of finding the correct information quickly. This was the problem Google set out to solve initially.

    While looking for a solution, the founders at Google had to establish a system of determining which sites were more credible than others. They figured out that websites that were authoritative in a field had more links referencing their information, just like in scientific research where highly authoritative research are cited in other research work.

    In the same way, websites having a higher number of links referencing them are considered more authoritative and will thus rank higher than competing websites with fewer links referencing them.

    This question aims to bring your attention to how your website is performing with regards to this metric and discuss strategies for improvement.
  1. Ease of Use
    How easy is your website to use? This question is not so easy to answer but we could approach this another way. Since we know almost no one likes to wait for a slow page to load when there are faster alternatives, we could reframe “ease of use” as “how quickly a website loads”.

    Making a good first impression is key when first-time visitors reach your website and what better way to welcome them than with a snappy page load?

    We have written a simple guide that helps you instantly improve your page load speed here. You can also reach out to us in case you need more assistance.
  1. Information Quality
    How well are you engaging customers who arrive on your website? This largely depends on the information quality and presentation. This can be measure in a number of ways such as average time spent on your website and number of pages each visitor checks before exiting your website.

    In our quiz, we’ve chosen to use the average time spent on each page by visitors. If you have scored low in this metric, your website is virtually leaking money. This issue can be rectified by taking specific steps which we will provide if you are interested, just reach out to us here.
  1. Site Traffic
    The higher this metric, the higher the chance of your closing a sale for the products or services your offer on your website. There are many ways site traffic can be generated including free and paid methods.

    Directly measuring your site traffic over the last three months gives you an insight into customer behavior patterns and how you can make improvements. If you do not currently have a way of measuring visitor traffic on your website, we can set this up for you free of charge, just reach out to us here.

Other Important Metrics

There are various other important metrics that also contribute to a successful online presence such as security, real time support, ease of search and much more. Feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss improvement strategies on any of these areas.

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